Top questions
Do I need to invest any money?

That was my first question! When I found out that I didn’t need to invest anything, my next question was “where do I sign?” Since then my business has gone from strength to strength!

Can I just try the role ?

Of course ! You have a trial period of one or two months. The benefits? A Collection is sent to you free when you join us. It’s a great opportunity to get started.

Do you have to work full time?

Not necessarily! You can become a part time style consultant and develop the business alongside your other activity as a source of extra income. This is possible because you’re completely free to organise your time and work when you like!

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Why choose home shopping ?

For me, home shopping is a real time saver and a great moment with friends. It also means being able to try on all the clothes from the collection as often as you like! Pretty Woman style…  

What is a style show?

At a pop up shop, our consultant presents the Captain Tortue collections. She gives you great advice on style. It’s like having a personal shopper…but with all your friends!

How do I organise a pop up shop at my house?

It’s really simple! Just contact your nearest style consultant. Mine lives in my neighbourhood, that’s how I got to know her. Otherwise you can fill out a form on the website to find a consultant who lives nearby.

What benefits do I get as a host?

I get discount vouchers for the orders I place, but more importantly, organising pop up shop makes it possible for me to get together with my friends and enjoy a really different night out. It really brings me that little bit extra!

How many guests should I invite?

As many as possible, it’s more fun in numbers! Don’t be afraid to send out lots of invitations to get at least 6 or 8 guests on the day. Think about the location too, if you have a lot of space there’s no reason to limit your invitations.


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