What has made Captain Tortue so special for over 25 years?
We develop four unique collections for women, designed in our Aix-en-Provence office in France.
Led by Captain Tortue’s co-founder Lilian Jacquelinet, our team of stylists and sample makers design extraordinary pieces for your wardrobe…oozing with French style 

Collections for all women

We aim to suit all styles, characters and body shapes with our 4 collections.
Our signature? Colourful clothes with exclusive prints and blends of materials.


Miss Captain
The Miss Captain collection
is casual and colourful with loads of prints!
The Trend collection
is a designer line with graphic details for chic and urban style!
Little Miss
The Little Miss collection
has bold “couture” style with plenty of peps. It’s ideal for small statures!
The Java collection
is a line of beachwear and sportswear for elegance wherever you are!

Sustainable fashion


Our goal is to create classic outfits...not fast fashion that has become the norm. We believe that sustainable fashion and responsible consumption are possible.
That’s why we designed a pair of jeans called Eva this season. It will be a fixture for several seasons. 
What's different? The jeans are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 24 with 2 leg lengths so they suit all body shapes. 

Check out this video presenting all our creative secrets and influences for the 2020 spring-summer season. Just click here:


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