To pre-order from 16 to 23 March 


What if summer was all about “recycling”?

With our new Reuse capsule, we're about to start the hottest shopping trend...We are showing you our favourites to slip into your suitcases this summer!

We invite you to travel with our best-selling prints. Let's go !

On the list:

-Ponchos: the perfect addition to your summer looks!
-We love to be stylish from head to toe, so we have chosen the ideal accessory for a matchy-matchy look: matching headbands!
-A set of 3 super cute scrunchies for effortlessly chic hair
-Scarves/bracelets to adorn your wrists (and more) in an instant
-Our on trend bags (XXL or medium) and coordinated printed clutches mean you have more than one trick up your sleeve!

Here's to a stylish and responsible summer for all!


Capsule reuse