Casual modern styles from Miss


Whether you’re after modern looks in soft and natural colours with revisited and unhindered volumes, pieces that are full of prints with a bohemian rock and relaxed glamorous feel, or more of a graphic and casual style that plays around with artistic patterns and bright colours – MISS has something for everyone this season!

Trend revisits the classics

Trend has created a mid-season wardrobe that revisits classic pieces like shirt dresses, blazers and pencil skirts, but with a glamorous and rock-inspired twist. Think original prints, refined lace, and metallic and jewel details.
The collection also features jungle-inspired looks that are perfect for the chic, urban explorer that isn’t afraid to try bold plant and animal prints, satin fabrics and a colour palette that plays with chiaroscuro. Freedom and glamour are the key ideas behind this Trend collection!

 Little Miss travels through time

Take a trip back in time with Little Miss this season. We’ve taken feminine silhouettes from the 1940’s and modern 1980’s cuts and used them to create some stunning, denim workwear-inspired pieces. We’ve also drawn inspiration from the 1970’s, with neo-hippie looks and a warm and saturated colour palette.

JAVA takes you on a worldtrip!

This season, Java is whisking us away on holiday with a fun collection that has drawn inspiration from all four corners of the world! Set a course for Indonesia, Africa, India and Hawaii... Are you ready to travel the world in style?